Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Didn't Think You Could Die In Lucas Arts Adventure Games.

Adventure games have permanently distorted my perception of reality. I grew up on a heavy diet of Police Quest, Space Quest, Sam and Max and Monkey Island games. I think I've underestimated the effect these things have had. All those conservative types seem to be worried that video games cause violent behaviour, the video games I've played have, amongst other things, made me collect random crap off the street, try to fit seemingly random objects together and get an engineering degree.

I blame adventure games.

It became all too clear a couple of weeks back, while playing Pictionary the egg timer broke through some over exuberant timing. I immediately saw the solution; I had an hourglass stored in my inventory (car), which I had happened to find in a car park what must have been at least a year prior. An hourglass in a car park seemed like a sufficiently random object that if it were an adventure game I’d definitely be needing to use that on something later. So I clicked on it and put it in my inventory.

I wasn’t happy when it turned out the hourglass ran for about 5 minutes and was entirely useless for Pictionary. It was about then I figured my world view may be slightly distorted.
Then again, I may have just needed to use the hammer and glue on the hourglass to make it time for a shorter period... Let me just check my inventory...

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