Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conan Commute

When Conan travels he travels by foot and in shoes he did not suffer through a gait analysis test. His shoes are thin, leather, and strapped to his leg with more leather – the original Skins. With them he will cross continents and travel to cities near and far. These days society is a little softer and most people run for pleasure. You can always tell when the City to Bay is coming up. The number of people going for a jog grows exponentially, but yet after the number plummets and only the commuting few remain.

Going for a run is a weird thing, not to mention if a six foot barbarian wearing little more than a dog skin cloak and a pair of woolly briefs running next to you (think of the chaffing!). For one it is fun with friends but very boring to do on your own. It is good for you but it hurts after a while. You can discover new ground or revisit the same boring tracks. You get outside in the fresh air and the carbon monoxide. Almost like masturbation, except for that last bit... maybe.

Running is a quicker way to get from point A to point B than walking. It also helps to cross traffic C, catch dinner D or not be dinner E. But it is so boring. Why is it the pinnacle of fitness? Why when people desire to “get fit” that they associate it with running? Associate it with travel fools!

It is more efficient to walk, but more impressive to run. I walked 10 kilometres to the shops – you are an idiot. I ran 10 kilometres to the shops – you are still an idiot, but I am impressed.

Conan runs. See Conan run. Run Conan run. He is impressive. He is massive.

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