Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rejected Tea Bar Flavours

  • finaliTEA: a black tea, with bright citrus flavours and flecks of cyanide tablets
  • dispariTEA: a hand rolled flowering tea, produced cheaply by exploiting 3rd world workers
  • insaniTEA: an intense herbal infusion, with the occasional hallucinogenic mushroom to liven up your afternoon.
  • extremiTEA: a light black tea, with some flesh included, from those workers that put their arms too far into the threshing machine
  • fataliTEA: A fine oolong tea that may cause ejection of the spine. Jonny Cages tea of choice!
  • conductiviTEA: A green tea, accented with metal fillings. Raidens favourite!
  • insecuriTEA: The finest of white teas, you'll never feel adequate in comparison.
  • uncertainTEA: We know exactly what kind of tea this is, unfortunately that means we have no idea where it is.
  • InstabiliTEA: A blend of Assam and ceylon teas, with a dash of neurotoxin for arroma.
  • RoyalTEA: We get 1% of the purchase price of this tea.
  • FrivoliTEA: We'll laugh at you for buying the worst tea we have

1 comment:

  1. Hah, these are great. On a serious note though, my favorite tea is PG Tips. On an unserious note, my fiancee hates my teabags.